Never Ending Garage Sale: 

9AM-3PM :: everything is free

- JULY 2, 2023 - COMFORT STATION LAWN - 9AM to 3PM -

The last ever Mothergirl conceptual garage sale, Never Ending Garage Sale, guarantees instantaneous restocking while you shop. How? Our dedicated fulfillment professionals process and prepare donated goods for sale in MINUTES.

All items are priced as marked; just kidding, everything is free – you just have to pretend to buy it at the cashier’s stand.

Donations of great quality clothing, homeware, and small furniture are accepted from 9:30AM-2PM

At 12:00 PM Mothergirl will commence a Live Auction of iconic costumes, sculptural set pieces, and ephemera. Online and in person bidding welcome. Works go to the highest bidder; just kidding, everything is free - the winning bidder just has to pretend to buy it at the auctioneer's table.