MOTHERGIRL (Katy Albert and Sophia Hamilton)

Katy: born 1987 Olympia, WA

Sophia: born 1988 Oakland, CA



Katy:  2009 BA Theatre Arts, Western Washington University

Sophia:  2010 M.Phil Theatre and Performance, Trinity College Dublin

Thesis: The Subversive Potential of Humour in Selected Clown Theatre Pieces by Female Artists

2009 BA Theatre Arts, Western Washington University


Selected Mothergirl Performances:

 2015  Pretend Garage Sale: Everything Is Free, public performance, Comfort Station, Chicago, IL

         Talking with Katy and Sophia, Live To Tape Artist Television Festival, Links Hall, Chicago, IL

         E.S.P. TV from Chicago Pt.1 and Pt. 2, Manhattan Public Access and E.S.P. TV, New York City, NY

         Response to Yes x 1000 by Latham Zearfoss YES REMIXED, Three Walls Gallery, Chicago, IL

         One Half Hour of Wiggling (video created with Blair Bogin), Direct Object/Direct Action, ACRE


2014  Tribute to Blondie, Crimson Glow, The Whistler, Chicago, IL

         Can I Make Myself Comfortable?, Jose Fest, Church of Templehead, Chicago, IL

         Progress In The World Of Fantasy Tour

                  Tritriangle Gallery (Chicago, IL); The Grand Manor (Chicago, IL); Mobius Gallery (Boston,

                  MA); The Oak & The Ax (Biddeford, ME); AUX at Vox Populi Gallery (Philadelphia, PA);

                  Lease Agreement (Baltimore, MD)

         Moments Together, Soft Drugs, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, IL

         If You See Two of Something, Buy It, Feeling Is Mutual, Chicago Artist’s Coalition, Chicago, IL

2013  Stop Performing Lecture, Waterloo Arts Centre, Waterloo, IA

         Sell Your Truth, Enchance – West Town Art Walk, Chicago, IL

          One At A Time, One Time Only, public performance, Chicago, IL

          Stop Performing, pARTicipatory, Chicago Artist’s Coalition, as part of HATCH Residency,

         Chicago, IL

          Don’t Sleep, There’s A War Going On, Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival,

         Chicago, IL

          Hair People, Garbage World 7, Big Forever, Chicago, IL

          Two Women Do Three Things, Happy Collaborationists Gallery, Chicago, IL

2012  Standing Hold, Defibrillator Booth, MDW Fair, Chicago, IL

         What You Look Like, Too, Pozen Center at MassArts as part of Rough Trade II, Boston, MA

         Mirage Sale: If You Let Us Spray Paint This Symbol On Your Object, It Is 75% Off, public

         performance, Chicago, IL

         What You Look Like, Out Of Site Chicago, Chicago, IL

         You Deserve It, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, IL

         Stories From Inside A Muffin, Red Flags at ShoP, Chicago, IL

2011  Lady Liberty’s Lemonade Stand, Food and Performance at Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, IL

         You Deserve It, You Should Come: One Night Only, Roxaboxen Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

         Free, But With One Thing Comes Another, public performance, Chicago, IL

         Font For A Sad Man, Milk Factory Gallery, Chicago, IL



2012-2013 HATCH, Chicago Artists Coalition, Chicago, IL

2012 ACRE, Steuben, WI