Mothergirl is a performance duo living and working in Chicago, IL. Our work has taken the form of installation, durational event, and guided audience interaction. The work frequently uses humor to deconstruct and render absurd various tacitly held ideals that we (Katy and Sophia) encounter in our own lives. These performances relate  to consumerist impulses, such as in our conceptual garage sales, feminist and feminine tropes, such as in our Stop Performing series, and/or to our personal relationships and collaboration, such as in If You See Two Of Something, Buy It.

We intend each piece as a humble offering. We consider incidental audience as well as the gallery going public for each work–who may be encountering the work and how they are engaged.

Mothergirl has performed at Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival, MCA Chicago, AUX Gallery (Philadelphia), and Mobius (Boston). We are the founders and hosts of Bits and Pieces:  A Monthly Salon for Ideas and Experiments. We were 2012 ACRE Residents and 2013 Chicago Artists Coalition HATCH Residents.