What You Look Like, Now 

The final performance in the What You Look Like series, designed for the MCA Chicago’s First Fridays event.

First Fridays, MCA Chicago, 4/5/2013







Photos by Abraham Ritchie



What You Look Like, Too

Two flower beasts, moving in symmetry in a two chambered nest, share their excitement about having just seem themselves in the mirror for the first time that day. The beasts use instant developing film to show people one by one what they look like.


Created for Rough Trade II, an artist exchange produced and curated by Defibrillator Gallery and The Present Tense.

Rough Trade II, Pozen Center – Boston, MA, 9/21/2012






Video and photos by The Present Tense.



 What You Look Like

Passersby are invited to look inside and have their picture taken by a flower beast who saw herself in the mirror for the first time today.

Created for Out of Site Chicago.

Out of Site, Damen and Division Blue Line Stops, 8/10/2012











Photos by Cesario Moza