Two Women Do Three Things is an installation of three successive performances.

These performances simulate and estrange instances of sexualization from the first person, second person mediated, and third person omniscient points of view, respectively.


In the Shower

Airbrushed bikinis, shower curtain, mat, garbage can, towels, soap

Two women take turns showering in bikinis airbrushed with nudity.

In Front of the TV

Airbrushed puffer jackets, digital film, television, remote, stand, rug, white t-shirts

Two women watch a TV show in which two women in jackets airbrushed with bikinis visit every Aldi in Chicago.

Every Aldi in Chicago is a collaboration with Adam Paul. Music by Shelby Turner.

Inside the Podiums

Wood, wood treatment, papers, fixtures, water glasses, pitcher, tape player, tape

Two women recite a manifesto.


Build assistance from Mason Fidino.

Airbrushing by Ludwig Tanchez.


Happy Collaborationists, February 2013, as part of ACRE Residency 2012














photos by Charlotte Woolf